A Money Exhanging Android and Web App


I have a VERY large family and things tend to go missing from my room quite often. I had no way of knowing which sibling was taking my things so I made this app. This can also be used as an inexpensive fix to a security system for college kids.

What it Does

After starting the app, the camera in use (can be laptop, kinect, etc) takes a still picture.Then the camera keeps taking still pictures and compares them to the original. When a change occurs, the app shuts down. It saves the picture of movement as well as texts the picture to your phone or emails it to you depending on your settings. This allows you to take the necessary steps to whatever you wanted protected.

How it is Made

This app is made completely in MATLAB and utilized the App Designer capabilities of the program

Where it is Going

Currently, the app only allows one account on the device it is downloaded on and also requires a MATLAB liscense to use; so fixing those would be a good start. Also I would like add the option to continue taking pictures after one movement occurance that users could choose in the settings.