A Money Exhanging Android and Web App


I made this web-app and android app for HackUTA 2017.

Anytime I want to send money to my friends, we both have to have the same money exchanging app downloaded. This means that if I have multiple friends using different apps, I have to have them all, often using up a lot of space on my phone and multiple logins to remember. My team and I knew there HAD to be a better way to easily send money that didn't incur any fees for the user.

What it Does

After creating a single account on Fund$wap, the app autonomously creates an account for all available programs and saves all the information in the settings tab. Then, users can select any method to send money to their friend and depending on which method is selected, the app works according to their protocol. Essentially this app works as a proxy account for multiple existing money exchanging apps; allowing users to download a single app but send money through different channels.

How it is Made

This app uses available APIs to talk to existing money exchanging apps. The website was made in HTML, CSS, Javascript and the android app was made in Android Studio.

Where it is Going

Unfortunately, this app could not be released on the app store to do liscensing issues so development is not continuing.