3D Print 01


When I started my job at The Factory, makerspace of UNT, I worked a lot at the front desk, checking equipment in and out with our barcode scanner. It was awkwardly shaped and could never find a permanent spot. So I decided to 3D print something that could hold the scanner. This way I could utilize the 3D printers that The Factory had to offer and learn more about 3D printing in the process since I had never printed anything 3D before.

What it Does

This printed shelf is designed to hold the awkward shaped barcode scaner. It has a magnetic back so it can clip to a neaby table but still move if it needs to.

How it's Made

I used TinkerCAD to model the scanner and fit the holder to its exact dimensions. The I printed it in a polyprinter using PLA filient. I found an adhesive magnetic strip and attached it to the back.

Where it's Going

This project is finished and holds the scanner nicely :)