Work Experience

  • NASA Johnson Space Center ARGOS Intern
    Spring 2018

    Spring internship at Johnson Space Center.

    Project 1) Active Response Gravity Offload System (ARGOS) Motor Controller

    -Developed and programmed VHDL code for a custom in-house designed motor controller to control two of the three axes of the next generation of a safety-critical, high-speed, human-rated gravity offload simulator robot.

    -Completed hands-on testing and verification of the motor controller hardware and associated harnesses.

    -Tuned velocity and current control loops of the motor controller for use with a new motor.

    -Designed cables for a testbed system and created schematics in Altium for fabrication.

    -Interfaced with the Project Manager to report status updates.

    -Demonstrated upgraded ARGOS hardware to NASA officials and visitors.

    Project 2) Valkyrie Gantry Bluetooth Controller

    -Created an automated controller system with a Raspberry Pi for a gantry that acts as a safety catch for the Valkyrie humanoid robot which reduced required operators by 66%.

    -Planned educational STEM activities at nearby schools while serving on the NASA-on-Campus Volunteer Committee

  • UNT Factory Specialist

    The Factory is an interdisciplinary innovation studio dedicated to helping students bring their ideas to life. Trained Specialists like myself, provide students access to equipment and expertise to complete projects. I work at this makerspace part time while I attend school at the University of North Texas (UNT).

    -Supported education and outreach activities geared for enhancing knowledge and interest in STEM.

    -Enforced all safety protocols to ensure the safety of our patrons.

    -Trained patrons how to use equipment and software available in the makerspace including 3d printers, laser cutters, cnc machines, VR equipment, and more.

    -Provided tours of makerspace to upper management, prospective students, and members of UNT community.

    -Checked equipment daily and documented changes in status, supplies, or other necessities.

    -Communicated in a concise and positive manner to a diverse group including students, management, and coworkers.

  • Aerium Solutions Co-Founder

    Aerium Solutions is a drone company with the intent of locating gas leaks on pipelines. I formed this company with four other University of North Texas (UNT) students after we placed 3rd at a hackathon (Earthack 2017) with our homemade, gas-sensing quadcopter.

    Project 1) Drone Design

    -Led the design and testing of an Arduino sensor system that accurately detected temperature, carbon dioxide, methane, GPS location and reported it to website in real time.

    -Integrated hardware and software for sensor system into our drone platform.

    -Developed the company’s website:

    Project 2) Company Management

    -Maintained Aerium’s financial accounts worth $3,000.

    -Communicated with a wide range of business professionals, investors, and engineers to deliver a safe and useful product.

  • NASA IVV GNC Technical Refernce Intern
    Summer 2017

    Summer Internship at NASA IV&V Facility in West Virginia

    Project 1) Static Code Analysis

    -Completed static code analysis from the Requirement Analysis Stage onward within the Parker Solar Probe GNC Team.

    Project 2) Technical Reference

    -Gathered data on eleven different spacecraft's guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) systems, focusing on the range of requirements caused by various small differences.

    -Constructed an original database comparing GNC systems that distinguishes commonalities across multiple subdomains.

    -Created a Technical Reference that includes relative information over GNC to save countless hours during Requirement Analysis Stage for all upcoming missions.

    -Presented Technical Reference and data findings to employees at NASA Headquarters and NASA IV&V Facility

  • Starr Thurber Office Assistant

    -Developed and maintained an office-wide organization system that increased productivity and customer satisfaction.

    -Recorded, stored, and analyzed important financial information for tax calculations and book maintenance.

    -Performed everyday office duties such as filing paperwork, answering telephones, and handling routine correspondence.


  • University of North Texas

    3.96 G.P.A.

    Honors Student

  • Hamshire Fannett High School

    4.0 G.P.A.


Other Activities


    Event Coordinator

    Volunteer Ambassador

  • IEEE


  • SWE

  • UNT Robotics

  • Engineers United

  • Youth Soccer Coach

  • Concession Stand Volunteer